Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2nd phase cognition drug trial - footnote added

Like I've said in the past, I won't be the first one standing in kind if a drug like this reaches the market for people with DS but I think it's good to keep an eye on these things.

Just a footnote as I had question from a reader:

We are not planning to be first in line for any sort of "cure" or cognitive boosting meds. I would hope that the discovery of a drug would lead to the discovery of a parallel type of natural treatment. I'm not saying that we would never consider a drug type treatment either butvwecavoid all types of medications whenever possible so I'd have to be assured by lots of testing that the side effects are worth the benefits. So far the results of K's neurodevelopmental program far outweigh any supplements I've heard of. Like most things in life, the benefits ilof hard work outweigh the quick fix. 

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