Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shhhhhhhhh,............Don't Tell My Husband!!!!

..........................but I hit the jackpot!

Last weekend, a friend & I took our 8 & 9 year old daughters to a rummage sale in a community about an hour away.  It is a massive rummage sale & because it supports a wide variety of community organizations & activities, the support & therefore the donations, are amazing! 

It has always been tough to keep ahead of K when it comes to her reading.  When she was younger, it was tough to keep enough high quality, laminated flashcards prepared & on hand for her voracious reading appetite.  It is actually easier now that she is reading books, but there is no way that I can afford to pay for that many new books, so I often check out the children's book section at rummage sales or local 2nd hand or thrift stores.  I usually pay between 25 cents & $1.00.

Naturally, I planned on checking out the book section & was pleased to find that kids book were only 5 cents each! There were thousands to choose from!


It's time for the confession part of this post..............I bought over 100 books - probably closer to 120.  My 9 year old picked out about a dozen & I found about 8 for my older kids, but they tend to be much fussier in what they choose, so approximately 100 are for K.

These are part of a a set of 10 phonics books.  I bought a couple of sets like this.

Most of the books are leveled readers like those pictured above. K usually reads a couple of these stories before bed most nights, so these will keep us going for a while.

This is a picture of the rest of the books.  There are a number that K will read herself, but lots of stories for our family to read to her at bedtime.

Now to justify my purchase in case my husband happens to read you honey!

1.  On average, K reads 3 or 4 book out loud to me each day.   This is on top of the books she reads to herself.  Her neurodevelopmental program has a goal of 4 new books per day, so we need a constant supple of books all the time.  The library is just far enough away that we don't get there regularly so it ends up costing us more in late fees than it does to buy inexpensive books.

2. I have gotten rid of about 3 boxes of books lately, which is more than I bought, so if you happen to be reading this honey, please keep that in should be so proud that I was able to part with so many books!


  1. LOL! Great find though. Thankfully books are the one thing my husband does not mind me buying in large quantities. ;-) I still feel mildly guilty when the Amazon boxes seem to show up every couple of days.

  2. You wrote this a few days ago... you still wtih us? :)

    We love books at our house too! I don't like the library because they tend to want their books back.

  3. Wow a nickel you did hit the jackpot!

  4. My sister recently gave me a few of these types of,early readers and I can't wait for us to be ready to start reading them. This is a steal and immsure your husband is proud of you-heck if it makes you feel better think of what little you really could have bought with that $5. I think books are the best, so I'm not one to ask. Wink.