Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Because its never too early to learn CPR...............

I volunteer at a nearby ski hill as a ski patroller. The main component of the job is to provide first aid services on the hill. The other weekend was our annual recertification for first aid as well as CPR. My husband & older 2 girls were at an event at another ski hill, so I ended up taking my younger 2 girls along.

K was quite fascinated by the CPR practice & decided to take part. She even counted as she did chest compressions & gave breaths:)

K made sure her patient was well taken care of!
I did however, draw the line at the AED. A defibrillation device in the hands of a 4 year old could get a little scary! After seeing it done once or twice, you can be certain that K would know which buttons to push & someone might get their heart jump started unnecessarily. I was very careful to explain that it is for adults only & she is not to even touch it.

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