Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Math Time!

As much as possible, I try to make math a part of everyday life.  Just now, after she had finished her snack, K asked for more crackers. I asked her how many she wanted & she responded "I want 4 crackers please", so we counted them out. Of course, she wanted 4 more crackers several times, but she got counting practice each time:)

Especially when K was little, we counted everything - stairs, food, toys, etc. We talked about her 2 dogs & 3 sisters. 

Baking is one of the most natural ways to include math into everyday life. Measuring, using fractions, counting eggs, etc.

As for math programs, right now, we are using a combination of BrillKid's LittleMath & Numicon math.  I really like both & think it is a good combination.

My next 2 posts will be on Numicon & Little Math.

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