Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cardiology & Comfort Food.

I'm drinking my current favorite, double spice black chai tea & eating chocolate  - my all time favorite as I write this.  In the morning, K has a cardiology appointment -  I always hate this day, so today is one of those rare days that I am in need of comfort food.  Usually chocolate & tea are just for pure enjoyment! I have no reason to suspect bad news & the optimist in me always hopes it will be surprisingly good news, but I know I won't sleep as well tonight & I know I'll be on pins & needles a bit until we hear how she is doing.

When K was diagnosed with T21, her pediatrician sent her to a cardiologist, saying that he was quite certain they would not find anything, but it needed to be done just in case.  As it turns out, they found an ASD, a VSD, & a cleft valve.  Thankfully, the ASD closed on it's own within the first year.  The VSD seems to be closing very slowly, but that darn cleft valve I am told will not heal on it's own.  But again, I'm an optimist, so I still think that there is a chance :)!  One of my biggest worries is that at this point the repair requires open heart surgery.  I am always keeping my eyes open for news that there is a new procedure that is less invasive, but so far this hasn't changed.

Now, although I am complaining tonight, I do need to say that we have been very blessed with K's good health.  Heart problems & all, she is a very healthy kid & I am always very thankful for that, but if you have a moment, say a quick prayer that it goes well or send us positive thoughts for tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I've got to go now.................the kettle just finished boiling again!



  1. Thinking about you today!!! My little 4 month old girl with DS will most likely have heart surgery in a couple months, to close her VSD.
    Hope today all goes well for K (and you guys).