Friday, September 30, 2011

Cardiology Update - Mostly Good News

I have been talking to K all week about this cardiology appointment & what will happen. Usually when I prepare her this way, she behaves very well.  Even at age 2 when she didn't like strangers to touch her at all, she still lay there & was quite good about it for the full 45 minutes or so that the echo cardiogram takes.  Yesterday had a rockier start.  From the moment the technician put the jelly (is that what it is called?) on her chest, K started crying & complaining that it hurt.  For a while, I didn't think she would calm down enough for the test to be completed, but thankfully the technicians were very patient & my husband & I both were there to calm her.  K insisted on sitting up which made it a little more awkward, but eventually they got quite a few good images.  Every once in a while she got upset again, but when we asked her to take a deep breath, it  seemed to help her calm herself & eventually they were able to get enough clear images & the echo was done.

One thing that I appreciate about cardiology is  that we get to talk to the Dr. shortly after the tests are done rather than have to wait a week or so like with many other tests.  The news was mostly good.  The VSD & cleft valve have not worsened at all.  The bad news is that he feels that the VSD will not close if it hasn't already.  I was really hoping that it would be healed when they checked today.  The good news is that because both problems have not worsened & are not leaking any more than they did when she was born, he feels that they will not worsen.  Because her heart will continue to grow as she does, the leaks will be smaller in relationship to the size of her heart. He does not think she will ever need surgery!  That was so comforting to hear.  She will need another check up, but not for 2 years.

As we were about to leave the cardiologist asked if K goes to preschool - he said it is really good for kids with DS to have that kind of stimulation. I hope Dr. K didn't realize that I had such an amused smile on my face!  I didn't have time to really go into details, so I just replied that yes, she does & that just yesterday, we went to the library program as well as swimming after as well.  I guess I should share a little more about our neurodevelopmental program, but time just didn't permit.  My husband & I had a little giggle about this after.

And the funniest part of the day?  K had a couple of nurses & the whole waiting room in stitches when she yelled "WOOHOO"  as we left!  She was definitely glad that it was too!


  1. I love how few and far between our cardiology visits got over the years. We just celebrated 5 years since OHS, and we only see her cardiologist every 2 years, too. :-) Glad your visit wasn't too bad, and that she shouldn't need surgery!

  2. I love how cardiology visits get fewer and further between over time. We just celebrated 5 years since Samantha's OHS, and we only see the cardiologist every 2 years, too. :-)

    Glad the appointment didn't go too badly and that she shouldn't need surgery!