Sunday, September 25, 2011

A few interesting facts about K

K is 4 years old & going to a typical preschool for the 2nd year in a 3/4 year old program.  She loves school & talks about her teacher & friends constantly. Sometimes she even insists that we sing & do some of the actions in the songs she learns at school.

K is doing better with safety rules such as being careful in the parking lot & around vehicles & will now wait on the sidewalk while I load groceries & that sort of thing.  She is a farm girl, so doesn't get as much practice with this, so it is  nice that I can start to trust her to be careful.

Her favorite TV shows are Super Why & animal shows like Zoobamafoo.  She is a whiz on the iPad & although she uses it for games a lot, lately she usually turns on the tunes first!  She loves listening to the same modern country & rock that her big sisters like - she does listen to kids songs sometimes, but it seems to be getting less & less often.  She has even stopped watching Signing Times - she gave up signing over a year ago, but still watch the movies for entertainment up until 5 or 6 months ago - my llittle girl is growing up!

K took swimming lessons this summer & between that & lots of practice after, she can now swim 8 or 10 feet independantly with her head in the water & without any sort of floatation device.  It is a great skill for her, but a little scary for me as she is a little too confident.

K's favorite color is yellow.

When we order out at a restaraunt, her request is always "I want fries & pizza please", but at home her first request, at least for snacks, would probably be berries (of any kind), Annies organic bunny crackers or SnapPea Crisps.

Lately, K has to jump off of everything - the bottom of the stairs, curbs, out of the truck, - you name it! If she isn't jumping off of things, she is climbing up them - why would you climb through a fence when you can climb over, right?

K continues to love books & her reading is improving all the time.  She even read an easy story that was her 3rd grade sister's homework the other day.

She loves pretend play & her Little People & Dora go on quite a few interesting adventures.  She also loves her babies & is a good mommy to them!  Lately, she seems to be getting attached to a Raggedy Andy doll that my Grandma made - some days her & Andy do everything together.

K has always been quite shy with strangers, but is finally getting  better in the last 6 months or so & will at least say hello to someone she doesn't know.  Somehow, she has always managed a flirty good bye though!

K is as determined as ever, & somehow, as the youngest member of the family, her sisters all unanimously agree that she is the boss!

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