Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Question About Naturally Better Kids

"I have another question...I noticed on your blog that you have a link to "Naturally Better Kids". I looked into it and have been reading the Kindle version of the book. It is very interesting. Would you mind sharing why you like this information, and what things that she recommends that you do with K, and what difference it has made."
Actually, when I first started reading that book, I thought "Wow, this is so familiar!"   We have done almost all of the same things.   We are careful about keeping K's diet natural most of the time, we use craniosacral therapy. use natural supplements, do a neurodevelopmental (ND) program, using natural health care providers, have extremely high expectations etc. Some of those things we have done a little differently though, such as a different ND program, as well as we have not done NAET, but all in all, our approaches have been very similar.


  1. Laura,
    We have a child who was born with down syndrome 4 weeks ago. My sister in law is a Pedi chiropractor and also specializes in NAET. It has absolutley been a plus so far. We are starting craniosacral therapy next week. It looks like you are managing your childs development to a similar manner as we would like to. Do you have an email that My wife and I might fire a couple of questions off to you?
    Thank you for your help!

  2. Congratulations! You can reach me at