Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Call for Questions!

My next post will be a post with my response to questions from our blog readers. so far, I've just received a couple of questions via email, so if anyone has any other questions, please feel free to send me an email at or just leave it in the comments on this post.

Any kind of questions are welcome, more about what we do with K, what K or the rest of our family is like, or anything else you can think of.


OK, I have to confess, the other reason for the 2nd call is that we have been so busy with family events & ski races, that I've been too busy to finish that post & this is about my limit for typing on my phone while traveling on a bumpy highway. I'll get to the question post soon, I promise!


  1. Hi, I have a 3.5 year old son with DS that we adopted last year. He spent the first 2+ years of his life in an orphanage. Where do I start teaching him to read? He loves books, and loves to learn. His attention span is amazing for all things educational. My problem is knowing what to do and having the right amount of material to cover. I feel inadequate, the more I read, the more confused I get. I just need the bottom line, Thanks!

  2. I have a few questions. I have been reading your blog for only a short time. You introduced me to so many wonderful resources and responded to my questions on BrillKids forum. If any of my questions are too personal or you don't want to answer, that is okay. I just wanted to ask.

    1. What have you done so far that you are so glad you did? Something that made a difference in K. development and progress.
    2. Is there anything that was just a waste of time?
    3. Are you using a program based on something like NACD or other neurodevelopment program? If so, what made you decide to do it and is it worth the time?
    4. How long were you working on flashcards before you noticed increased speech and reading skills?
    5. You mentioned that K. is reading words at a 4th grade level, do you have an idea of her level of understanding/comprehension?
    6. How is she with conversation and interactions with others?

    The reason for some of my questions is that a speech pathologist told us that teaching our daughter to read would not help her be social and have converstations with others, which will be more important for her in the future. But her words seem to be coming more since we started with flashcards and Little Reader type programs and videos. There are so many opinions and resources, but only so much time. I want to maximize our time and use approaches that will help her. Thank you for opening up and allowing our questions.
    Tina Boatwright

  3. I have another question...I noticed on your blog that you have a link to "Naturally Better Kids". I looked into it and have been reading the Kindle version of the book. It is very interesting. Would you mind sharing why you like this information, and what things that she recommends that you do with K, and what difference it has made.