Sunday, March 13, 2011

What we did then - What we do now Part 2

The other big recent change we have made is that K started a neurodevelopmental program with ICAN last fall.  We had created our own program for her until then, but really felt an evaluation and a program made specifically for her would be even more beneficial.  I won't talk about the details of her program because it is developed specifically for K, but we are pleased with her new program.  I think the biggest changes we have noticed has been a very definite increase in her memory - up one full digit span ( Mom's assessment only) in only 4 months!


  1. Do you think you could put in some links when you reference programs, especially those with acronyms? I don't know what ICAN is :(

  2. Oops.........full blog post on neurodevelopment to follow soon, but in the mean time, here is a link to ICAN:

    This page has a link to an online (free) seminar on neurodevelopment:

    Hope that helps!

  3. So you're saying neurodevelopment is worth the money?? WHEW! It's expensive.

  4. For us it really is worth the money ( and we are pretty cautious with our money. . I really think we saw a lot of benefits with our home made program, but her new program is so much more specialized to her specific needs.