Sunday, March 20, 2011

See and Learn

This is a program created by Downs Ed. This organization has both a UK and a US division. See and Learn can either be purchased and mailed to you or can be downloaded and printed on your home computer free of charge. 

This program has various components.  They have picture cards and matching word cards. One of the activities is to match the word to the picture on the template.  They also have books starting with one word per page, increasing in difficulty to short sentences such as "Emma is eating an apple". 

I really like this program. The pictures are very clear and concise and the words and stories are quite relevant and interesting to most kids. 

The one part of this program that we chose not to implement was the matching. We were concerned that it was a form of testing and were careful to avoid pressuring our daughter to perform. This method also seems so much slower than the fast flash method we use, ( & I don't have enough time in the day as it is!), so we just stuck with just fast flashing.   We did really enjoy the materials, just in our own way.  K still likes to pick up the books and read them for fun.  

This program is still under development and they are adding new sections as they are ready. At the present time there just wasn't enough reading materials to keep my daughter occupied for long. I wish it had been a  little further along in it's development when my daughter started learning sight words. 

I really appreciate everything that Downs Ed is doing for people with Down syndrome.  The reading program is really only a small part of it. 

Here is a link to the Downs Ed site's home page, where you can click on a link to either download or puchase the program.  Check out all of their wonderful articles which you are there too.

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