Friday, November 1, 2013

GROWL!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!

K can be a pretty funny kid sometimes.
She was excited to be a monster this year for Halloween. All through the school day & into the evening of trick or treating she dutifully answered everyone's questions explaining that she was a monster. At about 8 pm however things changed. I'm not sure if she was tired of answering the same question over & over or if she was on a sugar high after spending the last 10 days on a very clean diet which included no sugar but she started to change things up. We live in the country so we only go to about a dozen houses but the last few of the evening were the funniest. K's answers ranged from a lobster to a zebra - all met with surprise. She can be the funniest kid. I love her sense of humor!

Here she is wearing my mask that I created out of balloons on top of her own costume in another cute & funny moment. 

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