Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week : Fine Motor & More!

I actually wrote this post last year but never hit publish so I thought I'd post it tonight. It has some fun activities include some that are great for fine motor.

Between my 4 daughters, its now ski race, basketball (jr. high,high school  & middle  school teams), swim & dance season so I've been too busy to blog much.  I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the activities we've been  doing.

We've had this for quite a while but K still enjoys it.

We tried some graphing.  We didn't have any jellybeans as indicated in the activity but these colourful markers work well.

This way how K spent her day at her older sisters basketball tournament.  These giant size Jenga blocks were great fun! There were a number of other kids there that day, both older & younger. They all played so well together & these blocks were wonderful for such a wide variety of ages.  K decided on this pattern herself

Pizza night! Here's K working on her fine motor skills by creating her own pizza.

Mastering buttons

A little handwriting practice with Handwriting Without Tears

This is a  pit full of beans that the younger two girls had a great time exploring in at a children's museum while on holidays.  It was pretty cool!

I always try to keep activities fun & exciting for K.  Her she is working on her 
fine motor skills by using tweezers to put shapes into her horse's cart.

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