Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week: Running Update

The days have been getting cooler & chilly breezes have been blowing across the prairies warning us that the winter will soon take hold.  K has been insisting, regardless of the weather, that we run outside these last few weeks.  Unfortunately we've had enough snow fall in the last week that we are likely stuck inside on the treadmill for most of the next 5 or 6 months.

It has been great to take advantage of the warm weather while it was here though & somehow in the last few weeks I've seen such a huge change in K's running.  Her stamina seems so much better - she runs the whole time & rarely seems to need a break.  Tomorrow we'll run on the treadmill & I'm curious to see how her times have changed. I think some of it is just an endurance that she's built during the summer but I wonder if our new running "path" is part of the change.  We have usually just run on the county road that runs by our farm but lately K wants to run in the fields. This means up hills, down hills, avoiding gopher holes, sloughs & livestock, & usually with a pet or two tagging along, but it sure helps build strength & agility!

I am going to miss our runs in the field but in the meantime, "Hello treadmill" with K's favorite, loud, rocking country tunes cranked up!

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