Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why It's Been so Long Between Posts & What We've Been Doing Lately

I think this has been the longest that I have gone without posting a blog.  Its not that I haven't been wanting to. I've actually got over 73 posts started in my drafts many of which are just a few scribbled down ideas but things have been so busy that I just haven't gotten back to them.

We just wrapped up K's first season on T ball. Her 3 older sisters are playing too & I have been running between 3 separate sets of practices.

A Trip to the Zoo


We've played at different playgrounds a number of times.

K's oldest sister JC is graduating from grade 9 so we celebrated at her grade 9 farewell...........& yes, that is her whole grade 9 class believe it or not!  This is an average size class in our kindergarten to grade 9 school.  JC is the girl in the darker dress 2nd from the right.

We've attended a few 4-H rodeos.  This is KJ who is K's 9 year old sister.  She is just starting her barrel run.

K's older sister JC tried her hand at roping this year & of course K is trying to follow in her footsteps!

We went on a road trip to pick up a new holiday trailer.  The dog isn't actually ours - just as we headed out an elderly friend called because she was experiencing some sudden health problems & needed someone to look after her dog. We were on a tight schedule that day so we picked Missy up & continued on our way.

This is the new trailer.  The room straight ahead is the bunk room & K is the proud new owner of the bottom bunk.

We went on a few more road trips - this particular one was to the opthamologist.

I put in a pretty good sized garden this year which took quite a bit of time.  The part closest to the front of the picture is a new area that I just worked up this year.  It wasn't even done when this picture was taken.


....................& we camped some more - this particular weekender was for a baseball tournament.

...............& no, I have no idea why she chose to read books under the table!

More roping

K made a few new friends too.

We spent a couple of days at track & field meets.  On this particular day K's older sister T came home with 4 1st place & 1 2nd place ribbon in her 5 events! 

.................and here's the biggest event of all - K turned 5!!!!!!!

...................and very rarely, K got to spend a few hours in her jammies just hanging out.  Wow, its been a busy couple of months!

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  1. OMG Woman, do you ever sleep!? ??
    Your family is adorable and I'm jealous of your garden!