Monday, June 4, 2012

Signing Time Sale!

If your child hasn't already outgrown these DVD's  sniff........ sniff..........(choking back tears because my baby is so getting so big) my big grown up girl has, you may want to check out their sale on June 5 & 6.

Signing Time Sale

We really enjoyed these videos when K was little & watching these videos helped K to master hundreds of signs before she dropped signing in favour of spoken language.  Besides teaching American Sign Language, the videos have a written word with each sign.  I eventually realized that K was learning sight words from these videos too as she started reading words that we had never taught her & she had only been exposed to through signing time.  I highly recommend them!

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  1. We just got them in the mail a couple weeks ago. My baby with DS is 8 months but we have a 5 year old that likes to watch them. When did your daughter begin understanding them?