Thursday, November 3, 2011

Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness Week - Fall Harvest

I have always thought of spring as being my favorite time of year, but have been rethinking that this fall.  I love being able to harvest my garden & having wonderful, nutritious, healthy, organic food to feed my family. 

I have never planted kohlrabi before, but it was a real favorite, especially for my 12 year old who would often devour one as an after school snack.

We enjoyed so many fresh fruits & vegetables & stored lots for the winter!
Even though we have had a few very light snowfalls already, we are actually still enjoying a few fresh vegetables.  I picked the last of my onions today & still have a couple of rows of carrots out in the
garden -  they taste so sweet after there have been a few good frosts!

We made a year's supply of Dill Pickles!

We have been busy canning lots of different treats for winter - pears, peaches, &  pickled carrots, both mild & spicy. My favorites are the wild mountain blueberries that I picked on holidays in the rocky mountains.  You can't get a much healthier or yummier snack than that!

We even have a freezer full of beef as of last week.  I am trying to follow my brother's lead & eat only "happy meat".   It has taken a little while to transition, & being farmers ourselves, we have always had a lot of happy meat anyways, but pretty well all of the meat in our freezer is from farm animals that were allowed to roam in large pastures & who had a good life.  I am avoiding factory farmed meats where animals are not allowed to roam freely & are housed in cramped conditions.  Even the eggs that I buy ( I am hoping to have our own hens again by spring) are from a very small producer who allows them to go outside in a large yard every day.  I am very thankful for this:)

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  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful harvest. :) I long for the day that we can have some hens, or even that productive of a garden. Well done!