Monday, October 10, 2011

31 for 21 - Happy Thanksgiving! 21 things that I am thankful for..................

Many of my American readers & friends are probably wondering why I am posting this today!  Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving already this weekend, so.............

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would celebrate today by posting a list of 21 things that I am thankful for.

1. My family has to be first on this list.  We celebrated with 18 family members this weekend!  Some of them drove from as far as 10 hours away to share the weekend with us.  I have been very blessed to have a wonderful family.

2. The wonderful feast we had this weekend including our home grown fresh veggies, wild mountain blueberry pie & my brother's free range "Happy Meat" organic turkey.

3. I am thankful that we live in a safe place.

4. This has been the most beautiful fall that I can remember.  Usually my garden is done by the 2nd week of September at the absolute latest - I still have some baby lettuce out there right now!

5. I am so thankful for each of my 4 daughters & the unique talents & abilities each of them has. 

6. We live on a farm & I am very thankful for the wonderful experiences & lessons that go along with rural life.

7.  My children go to a very tiny school creating a unique & wonderful contribution to their upbringing. 

8. I have so much respect for my daughter's teachers, staff & wonderful principal.

9.  I am grateful for a group of moms who helped me hire a teacher & start a preschool so that our kids can go to preschool in our community just like their older siblings.

10. I am so glad that thanks to the internet, I found a wealth of information including neurodevelopmental therapy.

11.  Although my stubborn nature probably annoys people sometimes ( read "my husband & kid"s).  It allows me to be determined enough to get things done & not accept any one's limitations of myself or my kids & although it is sometimes annoying to me, I am glad that my daughter`s have all seemed to inherit it.

12.  I am thankful for the awesome moms (& a few dads )that Down syndrome has led me to develop friendships with.

13.  This was a beautiful October day so we enjoyed a wonderful campfire with the kids.

14. I am thankful for a bountiful garden this year.

15. I am grateful for the now non existent, Childbrain forum which first led me to believe that I did not have to accept the stereotypical limitations that are often associated with Down syndrome.

16. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband & the fact that he  agrees with & supports doing an ND program with K.

17.  I live in a wonderful community that will move mountains when we feel it is necessary to do so.

19. I am so grateful to K for teaching me that we must not judge people by any preconceived notions.

20. I am thankful today as I often am for this amazing journey that K has led us on for the last 4 years & that she is showing me what an amazing kid she is.

21. I am grateful for the 31 for 21 challenge which is making me be more committed & consistent with my blog & to all of you for reading.

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