Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21 - 21 Random Things About K

I thought I would do a list of 21 random facts about K. Here is my list:

1. K's current favorite song is "Country Girl Shake it for Me". Is that even appropriate for a 4 yr old? Sometimes I think she's 14, not 4!

2. Her 2nd favorite song is "Happy Birthday". When she she's singing, she always helps blow out the candles & if there is no birthday party? She blows out imaginary ones.

3. She has a big shiner right now. She ran giggling towards our bed the other morning, planning to jump on it & slipped.

4. K is very cautious around people she doesn't know.  

5. She is not afraid of any animals, no matter how large

6. K always manages to make people laugh. At the cardiologist the other day, she had the whole waiting room & nurses laughing as she cheered "WOOHOO" as we left.

7. Which leads me to this awesome news - during her checkup on Thursday we were told K's heart problems will NOT need surgery.

8. She is a cuddler, especially with Daddy

9. A couple of weeks ago we had K's reading ability tested. She is reading at a grade 2 level.

10. K considers Snappea Crisps & Annie's Organic bunny crackers to be food groups - not just snacks.

11. K enjoys skiing in the winter.

12. Swimming & jumping on the trampoline are her summer favorites.

13. K has never enjoyed coloring & printing until about a month ago. Now she asks to do these things often.

14. K is the youngest, but bossiest member if our household. The funny thing is that her sisters usually listen :p

15. K & all of her big sisters look like their Dad.

16. She has her Mom's good taste in food though - her favorite treat is chocolate.

17. K loves the iPad - she can do anything on it. She considers the only iPhone in the house to be hers.

18. K's favorite footwear are her pink cowgirl boots that she picked out by herself.

19. She has worn glasses since she was 9 months old.

20. The other day, a stranger commented on how innocent & angelic kids with DS are. My 3 older girls couldn't control their laughter - K does like to get into things!

21. K is the most curious child that I know.


  1. I <3 that these random fact's are just as typical as can be. You showed that she is just like every other child her age! I really like the idea of 21 random fact's!

  2. K sounds like one cool kid! :) And, wonderful news on the cardiology update!!!