Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21 - Creative Thinking!

K is getting much more creative & thoughtful when she is trying to get her own way.

A couple of days ago, while getting the kids ready for school, I noticed that K was no longer sitting at the table for breakfast - she often sleeps about 1/2 hour later & therefore eats after the older girls are all done. I went looking for her & found her in the bathroom............she had shut the door so I couldn't see & was quietly eating the organic bunny crackers that I had packed for her snack at preschool.

A couple of weeks ago, I taught K to use the computer mouse, so she now turns on Little Reader whenever she has a chance. Tonight, I needed to send an email, so I told her that when it was over, it was my turn. Twice when I wasn't paying attention, she put it on again. Finally, I said it was my turn to have the computer now. K is getting much better at thinking of how to get her own way & tonight,she turned to me, gave me a hug & very sweetly said "You need to go right to bed"

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