Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Learning to swim

 We have an above ground 12 X24 foot pool in our back yard.  Although we have very strict rules about the ladder being removed so K can't get in the pool by herself, she has always been very good about waiting until she has her floaty on & has her sisters or myself to go in the pool with her..............until last week that is.  Since taking swimming lesson & learning to swim a short distance by herself in the pool, she is suddenly invincible.  After catching her climbing over the pump to get in the pool the other day & managing to get in enough for her leg to get wet, we now have a 6 foot chain link fence around our pool.  Confidence is usually a good thing, but this was too much - & a little scary!  I was so worried that I didn't sleep the night before we got the fence up & even got K up out of her own bed to sleep between my husband & I just in case she decided to head outside to the pool in the morning. She always comes straight to our bedroom when she wakes up, but you just never know.

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