Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My New Dining Room Decor..........

Lovely & stylish isn't it?  For a brief moment I hesitated to take down the painting that once hung in this spot, but then the oh, so not  concerned about home decor part of me took over & the map became our new dining room conversation piece.  I knew my oldest 2 girls would use it occasionally, but I was so suprised that they have taken such an interest too. Granted it's only been up about 2 weeks, but it is now part of our daily dinner conversation & I have to admit that I now have a better understanding of where different countries are in relation to each other.  K is even more interested of course because her big sisters are enjoying it so much.  She can already identify Canada, & for some reason, she seems quite interested in Australia & Greenland & regularily points them out.  We have done a little bit with maps in the past on the Canadian Provinces while reading sight words, so this was a great next step.

 All of the home decor shows will be callling, don't you think?

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