Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Girl Bed Update

A recent picture first:

No, it wasn't an overnight success & yes, the pun was intended lol.   We bought a couple of bed rails that make her bed look kind of like this, except it has a bed rail on both sides:

I  almost feel like we're putting her back in a crib again, because it is so enclosed, but I think it is better than letting her fall out onto the floor all the time.  I think the 2 of her older sisters that always ended up on the floor were 5 & 6 before they finally started to stay in bed without a little extra help, so we will try this for & while longer.


  1. She is a mover! Just give her time. I still remember falling out of the bed when I was about 7. We will star our adventure of a big boy bed soon, because we will transfer our boy to a toddler bed without the rail in the coming days. Wish us luck! Here is the link to my blog:

  2. Yep. My 4yr old is a mover too. A crazy one at that. I've seen her sit up in her sleep and move to the other side. She wips all over the place. I need to get her bed rails. Her toddler bed has a small one but its not enough to keep her in her bed. Right now I have one of my plastic totes at the end to keep her in. LOL You just have to use what you have to use :>)