Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Links that I Promised

With my love of flashcards, it's pretty ironic, but one of my favorite early learning sites is called No Time For Flashcards. They have an extensive collection of early learning activities which are organized by age and category.

The other site is Kizclub. This site has some really neat activities that you can make & do with your child. Their flashcards aren't my favorites because the pictures are not real concise and the word is on the same side as the picture, but I really love their early learning activities.

The book that I talked about was this one & I really would recommend reading it even if you get a different program.  It really explains the fast flashing we talked about.  Fast flashing really helps with instant recall, which you could probably tell that my daughter has from how quickly she read the cards to herself.

How to Teach Your Baby to Read can also be bought through amazon or even rented at some libraries.

The site that I printed most of my flashcards from was BrillKids & the program was little reader.  This first link is to their free flashcards (you can also try this program out for free):

The second link is to another page on my blog where you can find out about BrillKids special needs discount - I talked to someone recently who applied & she got both the math & reading program for free, so it would be worth checking out.

One more really good resource that I forgot to mention is the local Down syndrome association library.  They have lots of resources including Love & Learning, Your Baby Can Read, some of the materials from DownsEd & lots of other great stuff. 

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