Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I have an extremely busy day today, so this is just a quick note to say Happy Mother's Day to all of my online friends!  Hope you have a wonderful day and are as incredibly blessed as I am!

I was spoiled today of course!  The girls made me breakfast & everyone presented me with their lovely, thoughtful gifts!  K was so incredibly proud of the heart pillow she & Daddy made at preschool.  She helped me open the wrapping, read the words to me & made sure I knew how to snuggle with it! The necklace (it is hard to see, but it is sitting on the pillow) was a well planned surprise.  My husband & all of the kids were involved in keeping Mom busy while the they shopped for this.

For a wonderful post on Mother's Day, check out this link to see Lily's mom's blog post & all of the adorable pictures:

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