Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Please don't assume................

I've been debating for a week or two whether to write about this or not.  It's not the sort of subject I usually talk about but it keeps coming back into my thoughts so I think that means that I need to share this story. 

As I wandered through the grocery store one afternoon(probably trying to find real food in the land of artificial & convenience) I noticed a lady in a wheelchair struggling with the bathroom door which happens to be a very heavy one. An employee offered to help & she graciously accepted.  The employee held open the door the lady entered the bathroom & expressed her appreciation.  All's well.......but then it happened. The helpful employee reminded her to lock the door after herself!!!! I was astonished.  In a single "helpful moment she unknowingly & effectively reduced a capable, independent adult who only needed a hand with a heavy door into a child.

..............................& I wonder why people underestimate my child?

How do you deal with people putting limits on or making assumptions about your child or loved one's abilities?

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