Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 going on 13

This winter we've had one snowstorm after another so the other day when I was in town I decided I needed a new toque.  I found this one in the clothing section at the local health food store & loved it's funky colours so I bought it.

The next morning  K & I were getting ready for me to take her to school.  I put my toque on & bent down to help her tie up her boots.  K looked up at my hat & tried to take it of my head. I  told her to please leave my hat. Without hesitation, in a voice that sounded more like a 13 year old, she responded, "Mom, you can't wear that!" I wasn't sure what she meant so I explained that this was my new toque & it was cold so I was wearing it to take her to school.  "No mom, you can't wear that!"  she said & again tried to take it off of me. "Yes K" I insisted "I am wearing my new toque"  She repeated it 3rd time & again that disgusted teenage voice came out. "No, Mom, you can't wear that, you're too old for it!".

I love how this kid can make me crack up with laughter at her 5 year old adorableness one moment & in the next leave me wondering how she can be a teenager 8 years ahead of schedule.

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