Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Just Keep Swimming"

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim."

This is what I have been doing for the month of March............. I`ve just been keeping my head above water. March is always like this for us. Our home has been a mad house.  We`ve packed from suitcase to suitcase & I am so glad to just be able to stuff my suitcase in the back corner of the closet & let it gather dust for a while. We haven't done much program at all for about 2 weeks now. I'm happy relieved to finally have a weekend at home now though & am looking forward to a quiet April. This week is spring break for my kids, & we haven't planned many activities - a trip to the pool, a rummage sale to buy books, a movie with a few friends to celebrate with my newest teenager for her birthday & that is about it - not a bad schedule for a 9 day holiday from school.

I think it is good to take occasional breaks from doing program.  Sometimes it is unplanned like this, but sometimes, I plan it that way so that we can take a breather & either just have a well earned break, or often so that I can catch up on everything that has fallen behind.

My other news is that I finally have found someone to help me do program with K! We have been looking for ages, & all of a sudden, we have 2 wonderful candidates! Within the next couple of weeks,I will have someone to help out for 10 hours per week - this will be huge!  Sometimes, we will do it program together with K to try to make it more fun & to encourage her to want to do her program.  During other activities, I will let my new helper work with her so that I can catch up on the many household projects that haven`t had as much attention as they should lately.  I am so excited!
I`m hoping to update on K`s skiing progress soon, but for now, just a very quick update. Her current new favorite books are just about anything by Robert Munsch. Tonight she read his Makeup Mess story to me before bed & she thought it was hilarious.  She`s been growing lately too - a lot!  More on that to come in another post too. Because we`ve been away a lot, K has had the chance to swim in lots of the hotel pools.  She regressed a little when we didn`t get to swim much this fall, but I`m pleased at how well she is gaining those skills back again.

That`s all for tonight, but I`m hoping to be able to start catching up on a whole list of unfinished blog posts that I got behind on during these last few really busy months.

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  1. Sometimes we all need to just chill for a while. I hope April is more relaxing and peaceful for you.