Sunday, April 10, 2011

My heart is breaking.......................

With tears streaming down my face, I just left a birthday wish on the blog of a another mom for her sweet little 6 year old boy. Birthdays are supposed to be a happy occasion, but my heart is breaking for a mom I've never met and her son whom she has not yet had the opportunity to meet. He was born with an extra chromosome in a country where children like this are not treasured and adored in the way that Christie and I would. Somehow, for 6 years Alexander has managed to survive in an orphanage and has recently been transferred to an institution. It breaks my heart that any child should live in these conditions, and without a mother to protect him.

Please check out Christie's blog and if you can find it in your heart, please donate help bring AJ home to his Mom, Dad and brothers so that he doesn't spend another birthday alone.


  1. thank you so much for blogging this for us.

  2. You're welcome Christie. Hope it sends a few people your way.