Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring photos and a conversation with K

It has been a very long winter here with more snow than we have had in years, but last week we had a wonderful warm day.  Dressed in their farm clothes, my younger two had a great time exploring, and just doing all of those things that kids are supposed to do during this season.

Playing in the last remaining snow banks

Chasing and being chased by our friendly cats

Jumping over logs & playing with sticks

A couple of days later, K & I took a look at these photos on the computer.  She loves looking at pictures and  it is a great way to get her talking.  When we looked at the first 3 pictures, she talked about being happy, playing outside, the cat, the snow, her sister, and all of the typical responses that I was expecting.  However, when we looked at the above picture and I asked how she was feeling I was surprised when she said  "I was sad. "  I didn't expect this, as I thought they were both having a good time, so I asked her why & she responded "That was scary! My foot stuck." It turns out that she got her foot caught & her big sister had to rescue her.  I didn't like to hear that she was scared, but how wonderful that she was able to tell me what happened.

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