Monday, February 14, 2011

This is what happens...............

This is what happens when I don't put K's flashcards & reading books out of reach. 

This is a bunch of cards that I left sitting on the stairs to go up to K's bedroom.  This was last night while I was making supper.

This was in her bedroom later, while I was putting her laundry away.

This morning again (I had picked up them up after last night's enjoyment!)

The kitchen floor - before breakfast

This took less than 10 minutes!

I usually keep a small number of cards out for K to look at whenever she wants.  I'd love to have them all available to her because she enjoys them so much, but I would be constantly cleaning up after her.  K is expected to help clean up, although she has trouble getting the elastics back on the sets of cards.  We are going to have to get in the habit of teaching her to look at one set at a time & put them away before reading the next set.  This sort of strategy hasn't worked with my older dd's yet, but I can always dream right?

The point of this post is to show how enjoyable reading & books are to K.  She is very sure of what she likes & dislikes & we could never force her to learn.  I admit that I used to think that flashcard learning could not be fun.  Wow!  How my mind has changed!

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