Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How it all started..........

The morning my daughter was born, I held her in my arms & looked deeply into her trusting & inquisitive, almond shaped eyes. I held her with the strenth, yet gentleness that other  mama bears will recognize in themselves occasionally -  a bit of the mama bear fierceness that I don't often need to feel.  I made my first promise to my newborn daughter that night.  I told her that one day she would amaze everybody.  I believed it with all my heart, yet I never imagined that  a short 3 years later I would be writing this post. I never doubted that she would show the world what an incredible person she would be.....but  I had no idea that I would be the one who is the most amazed.  I am in awe of my little girl.

K was diagnosed with trisomy 21, commonly known as Down syndrome, shortly after she was born.  I knew very little about Down syndrome (DS) at the time & spent hours researching treatments, & therapies. Some were mainstream - many were not. 

Our journey with our daughter is different than that of many parents of a child with Down syndrome.  At first I didn't share a lot about what we were doing, mainly because I was so unsure that some of the ideas would work. I have also found it difficult to finally start this blog & perhaps interupt our private lives.  Even though I have been on different forums and Down syndrome boards for over 3 years, & posted often, I have rarely shared pics online.  I think we have walked a bit different path though - & I feel it is time I started to share some of what we have done.

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