Friday, March 15, 2013

I am so Proud of this Kid!

K's skiing has come so far this year.

K skied a long green run in the mountains today.  So long bunny hill!  K rode the chairlift up to mid mountain today! I did use a harness but  honestly it was for my benefit, not hers.  Remember this post? I have however quit using the harness on the bunny hill......................even when she goes on the bumps at one hill we've been to recently.

  This video is from yesterday skiing around some cones at our local ski hill.   


  1. Your video is showing up private. Carrigain wants to know what private means. She is disappointed that we can't watch it! We'll try back later. Carrigain has been skiing this year too. Last weekend was her first day with just a harness (rather than a ski buddy). She is loving it!

  2. I think I got it fixed sorry about that:)