Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun Fine Motor Activity

A friend gave me these sheets quite a while ago. I'm not familiar with the program these sheets are from but the writing on the bottom right says Do A Dot Art. We've been photocopying them so we've gotten a lot of use out of these sheets.  Initially, when K was younger we used bingo dobbers to do them. K is working on printing now though so they are a little too easy so we decided to use them for fine motor skills instead.

K placed some glue on a spot on the paper then used the tweezers to pick up a pompom & put it in place.  We are always looking for new & fun activities to do with K so it was nice that this activity was a hit.


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  2. Hi! how can i download those sheets to print them? thank you!

  3. Hi
    how can i get this sheets to print them?

  4. Hi Ale!

    I was given these by a friend but I googled this link: