Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recent Research on a Drug to Help with Cognition

Here is a link to a recent study in a drug to help cognition in people with a trisomy 21.  As I have said before, drugs are not the first approach that I would use & although I won't be first in line to sign K up for any research studies for prescription drugs to help with cognition any time soon, it is something I like to be aware of.;jsessionid=813ECBFEAA3D2FE552669F6438AB1A23?rssid=863&

What are your thoughts on this study & the subject of using drugs to help with cognition?


  1. I can't click on the link and I can't copy and paste it due to copyright.

  2. I can't either...can you repost it? Thanks!

  3. I reposted it back in August & it seemed to be working but now it isn't again. I wonder if it's because it's a news article & is replaced with newer stories?