Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Activities - OT With Pompoms!

OT..................and math, & speech and................

I thought I would do a series of posts on some of the fun activities that we do with K.  I rarely seem to have time to post about that sort of thing  & that probably gives my audience a narrow view of what learning looks like in our home - yes, we love flashcards, but there are so many other ways to learn!

This is one of the activities we did when K was little, but I dragged it out of the closet the other day just for fun.  Because she hasn't seen it in quite a while, K had a great time with it.  If I remember right, she was about 2 when we played with it a lot.  

The tongs were to help with fine motor skills.  The different sizes of pompoms varied the difficulty level & we used various types of tongs too.  

We sorted by colour and size, talked about the colour names & which ones were bigger or smaller.

I wrote a different number on each cup & K would count that many as she was putting them in.  

I think K's favorite activity was just pouring the pompoms from one cup to another.

For as simple as this activity is to set up, there are tons of ways to learn!

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