Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas wish for Abbott

I don't go to Reece's rainbow often.......I just can' breaks my heart to see so many beautiful little girls. & boys living in orphanages just because they happen to have an extra chromosome - just like
my K.

Last Christmas, I planned to purchase an ornament to hang on our tree to help create awareness amongst my family and friends.  As I scrolled through the faces of the many waiting children, one in particular caught my eye.  I clicked on his information page & was surprised to see that he was born in the same month & year as K was.  It was a neat coincidence, but the differences in the lives they have lived the last 4 years are in stark contrast to each other and our beautiful story and a half Christmas tree with Abbot's small ornament hanging front & center seems a little  extravagant today.

I haven't been to Reece's Rainbow in a couple of months, but for some reason, I didn't expect Abbot to be there.  I had it in my head that he would have found his forever family by now.

When the page opened, I was shocked to see that not only was Abbott still waiting for a family, but he was the 2nd child listed on the page - meaning he has the 2nd least amount of money to go towards his adoption of any child on the Angel Tree page.

 I am asking you, all of my readers to help. Please share this link to Abbott's page.  If you can donate, that is wonderful, but if you can't, please just help me spread the word about Abbott to help his family find him.  The Internet can be a powerful tool & if everyone who reads this helps spread the word through their blogs, Facebook, forums, etc., I am confident that next year Abbot can celebrate with his own family.

Next year, I don't want to have to mourn the fact that Abbott's adorable face is on my Christmas tree - I want to be able to celebrate it as he & his new family celebrate their first Christmas together.  Please share Abbott's story & help make both of our Christmas wishes come true.

........& the next year, I will have my heart broken again as another little girl or boy again wait patiently on my Christmas tree unto they too find their forever family.

Here is a link to the Angel Tree page:

Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree Donation Page

Thank you everyone & have a very merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for posting about Abbott! I have been praying for and advocating for Abbott this year. I SO hope he is chosen this year! I am going to be doing a fundraiser for him in late April/early May. Please pop on over. I won't be posting about that giveaway specifically until a week or so before I begin, but I share about other kids and giveaways, too.